11-13 Nov. 2019 – Ekahau ECSE Advanced certification CPH – 3 days

This training is for existing Ekahau ECSE certified network designers. Take your Wi-Fi skill to the next level through this 3 day calss.

Expected dates are  11-13 Nov. 2019

  • Working with teams to ensure students are confident in their work flow, file management and merging skills
  • Using Ekahau Sidekick for hide-and-seek, RSSI-comparison and continuous recording
  • Using Ekahau Cloud to sync projects built on a desktop and surveyed using an iPad
  • Using Ekahau Capture and Ekahau Sidekick to capture PCAP files for analysis
  • Conducting a variety of endpoint throughput testing using WLANpi, Test Accessory, ePerf and remote for stop-and-go and continuous mode active surveys
  • Extracting data from .esx files and using Python (Jupyter) to perform data analysis and safe modifications
  • Building custom report templates, including understanding work flows, template tags, looping functions and converting a customized report into an Ekahau Pro Report Template for reuse

Pre-book your seat: Airwire is planning to host this advanced learner if there is enough interest.

Venue: Copenhagen

Show your interest to make sure we have enough participants . Please contact us on ekahau @ airwire.dk or call +45 40405074..