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open | 3-6 Dec 2024 – Ekahau ECSE Troubleshooting - ON-LINE

Learn to troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks from world-leading professionals.

This 4-day course consists of lectures and hands-on labs taught by Wi-Fi experts.



Course specifics

  • We will ship mobile  small lab for use during training.
  • No prerequisites, but CWNA is recommended. A firm grasp of OSI model, network protocols and network traffic flows is expected.
  • Maximum of 12 people per class
  • Receive an exclusive ECSE Troubleshooting certification after passing a certification exam
  • Qualifies for 6 BICSI CECs (OV-EKAH-VA-0719-1)

3-6 Dec 2024
GMT time zone

Please request pricing. Various discounts and bundles available


Max 12 students

Review potential Wireless LAN issues as well as standard network troubleshooting processes using various tools and techniques to identify these issues.

  • Set a baseline of knowledge and shared vocabulary, covering fundamentals of RF, 802.11 and how Wi-Fi works from a Wi-Fi client device perspective
  • Work through 6 standard network troubleshooting processes using various tools and techniques at each stage to identify issues including: Investigate, Measure, Validate, Analyze, Interrogate, and Manage
  • Hands-on labs using free tools, low-cost tools and professional tools
  • And much more!


TimeDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
  • Instructions
  • How a NIC Works
  •  RF Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Troubleshooting
  • WLAN Issues & Causes
  • WLAN Requirements
  • Validate Process
  • Process Diagram
  • Ekahau Survey Lab Exercise
  • iPad App
  • Windows/macOS
  •  Using WLANpi for Remote Packet Capture Exercise
  • Troubleshooting 802.1X issues
  • RADIUS Lab Exercise
  • Using Wireshark Exercise
10.30-10.45BreakBreakBreak Break
  • RF Fundamentals
  • Modulations
  • dB Math
  • How to Make Wirelss Problems Disappear
  • Wired vs. Vireless Exercise
  • Native Tools
  • GUI Tools
  • Windows/macOS
  • iOS/Android
  • Ekahau Survey Lab Exercise
  • Soectrum Analysis Process
  • Wi-Fi Signal
  • Sidekick Analysis Demo
  • Tracking Non-Wi-Fi-Interference Exercise
  • Management Systems Tools to Troubleshoot
  • Management Lab Exercise
  • Troubleshooting Tools Review by OS
12.30-13.15 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
  • 802.11 Fundamentals
  • Wi-Fi Client Issues
  • Meeting Requirements
  • Investigate Process
  • WLANpi Setup & Config Exercise
  • Kimset Network Scanner Exercise
  • HORST Exercise
  • BetterCap Exercise
  • Packet Capture Process
  • Wireshark Install Lab
  • Customizing Wireshark
  • Profiles Lab
  • Filters Lab
  • Color Rules Lab
  • ECSE Exam Review
  • ECSE Exam



  • Assiciation Processes
  • Authentication Processes
  • WLAN Client Profiler Exercise
  • Measure Process
  • Performance & Throughput Testing Exercise
  • iPerf, ZAP, HTML Exercise
  • End-point Testing Exercise
  • Name Resolution Lab
  • Commenting Lab
  • Using Class Profil Exercise
  • Graphing
  • Graphing Lab


  • “Green Diamond”
  • 802.1X Authentication
Use WLANpi with Extra Homework Exercise
Use Wireshark with Extra Homework Exercise


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