Webinar: Ekahau v9.0: All-New Wi-Fi Planner (Recording)

Webinar: Ekahau v9.0: All-New Wi-Fi Planner, will review new features of the Ekahau Site Survey and 3D Planner. See it in action and get your questions answered!

Two years in the making, version 9.0 of Ekahau Site Survey & 3D Planner is finally here (or very close ? ).
A solution that makes it easy to design Wi-Fi for today’s and tomorrow’s purposes.

Come see how the new version works in action, and get your questions answered!

A few things we made for ESS 9.0:

  • High capacity and low capacity areas
  • Easy definition of user densities per area
  • Automatic planning for dual-5GHz access points
  • Automatic disabling of 2.4GHz radios where applicable
  • 20/40/80/160MHz channel planning
  • Airtime utilization analysis
  • 2.4 vs 5 GHz airtime
  • Impact of legacy devices vs 802.11ac devices
  • Band steering
  • Impact of multiple SSIDs
  • Impact of low data rates
  • Client and AP efficiency impact (spatial streams)
  • 68% more beautiful heatmaps 😉