Webinar: Why Upgrade to Ekahau Sidekick™ (Recording)

Why Upgrade to Ekahau Sidekick™ Webinar recording : What is Ekahau Sidekick™ used for and who needs it How it works How the Ekahau Sidekick™ saves time troubleshooting  

Aruba Product Security Advisory ARUBA-PSA-2017-003 (ClearPass)

—–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA256   Aruba Product Security Advisory =============================== Advisory ID: ARUBA-PSA-2017-003 CVE: CVE-2017-9804, CVE-2017-9793, CVE-2017-9805, CVE-2017-12611 Publication Date: 2017-Sep-11 Status: Confirmed Revision: 1     Title ===== Apache Struts Multiple Vulnerabilities     Overview ======== The Apache Struts group announced Struts version 2.3.34 on September 7, 2017. Included in this update […]

Webinar: Planning AP placement for roaming and resiliency (Recording)

Summary: A good WLAN design includes a plan for resiliency and roaming. Planning for Secondary Coverage is a key element in successful enterprise WLAN design. Agenda: Introduction What is Secondary Coverage? Roaming Resiliency How to plan for Secondary Coverage Next steps, Q&A

Ekahau Sidekick™ – The First Custom-Built Wi-Fi Site Survey Device

All-in-One Wi-Fi Diagnostics and Measurement Tool Ekahau Sidekick™ is the first comprehensive site survey device to allow faster measurement of wireless networks and unbeatable Wi-Fi spectrum analysis. A battery-powered device that provides over eight hours of Wi-Fi site survey time, Ekahau Sidekick™ makes designing high-quality Wi-Fi networks faster and more precise. læs mere Sidekick _ […]

Infographic: High Capacity Wi-Fi

Is your enterprise prepared to take on high capacity planning? Have you defined the objectives for primary and secondary coverage goals? Ekahau’s High Capacity Wi-Fi infografic gives a visual representation of what you need to consider when building high performance WLAN. You will learn essentials and requirements for building a wireless network, as well as infrastructure selection and […]

Webinar: Ekahau v9.0: All-New Wi-Fi Planner (Recording)

Webinar: Ekahau v9.0: All-New Wi-Fi Planner, will review new features of the Ekahau Site Survey and 3D Planner. See it in action and get your questions answered! Two years in the making, version 9.0 of Ekahau Site Survey & 3D Planner is finally here (or very close ? ). A solution that makes it easy […]

Ekahau is the 2017 Recipient of Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award

Ekahau earns Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award for delivering industry-best customer experience and highest return on investment for designing and maintaining Wi-Fi networks. Læs mere her  

WiGig and HaLow – Webinar

Wednesday, April 19, 2017  11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT WiGig (802.11ad) is a wireless standard operating in 60 GHz band promising megahypersuperduper data rates. Respectively, HaLow (802.11ah) is a standard operating at 0.9 GHz frequency promising great range and low power consumption. How do Ha-Low and Wi-Gig compare to 802.11ac? Se her

High Efficiency Wi-Fi- 802.11ax

High Efficiency Wi-Fi- 802.11ax | Dr. Eldad Perahia | WLPC 2017 Phoenix Session Description: The issues facing next generation Wi-Fi systems involve degradation to system efficiency due to dense deployments and due to network traffic with a preponderance of short data frames (e.g. Voice-over-Wi-Fi). PHY and MAC enhancements in 802.11ax will include Uplink MU-MIMO, Downlink and […]

Ekahau ESS 8.7 is out

Copy & Paste, Usability Improvements, and LOTS of new APs Se mere her