Wi-Fi Alliance® introducerer Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi Alliance rydder (endelig) op i bogstavsuppen og introducerer en mere logisk navnestandard for de forskellige teknologigenerationer. Wi-Fi 6 to identify devices that support 802.11ax technology Wi-Fi 5 to identify devices that support 802.11ac technology Wi-Fi 4 to identify devices that support 802.11n technology Læs mere her  

Wi-Fi kan være på vej til 6 GHz bånd

En virkelig stor nyhed, hvis det bliver gennemført allerede i 2019. Det åbner for så mange muligheder… FCC fast-tracks Wi-Fi in 6 GHz band

Ekahau – “Make the Switch” (from Airmagnet)

The Ekahau Difference Airmagnet upgrade campaing (ends July 2018) Upgrade from Airmagnet and get free web-training Design, Optimize and Troubleshoot Better Wi-Fi. ADVANTAGES Ekahau Sidekick™ – Wi-Fi Site Survey and Troubleshooting Device  Superior Planning Capabilities  Easier Surveying/Troubleshooting Real-Time Frequency Monitor Fully Customizable Reporting Don’t delay, make the switch today!    For a limited time we are offering free Ekahau Quick Start Training (retail […]

Wi-Fi Alliance® introduces Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™ security

Next generation Wi-Fi® security for personal and enterprise networks Wi-Fi Alliance® introduces Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™, the next generation of Wi-Fi® security, bringing new capabilities to enhance Wi-Fi protections in personal and enterprise networks. Building on the widespread adoption of WPA2™ over more than a decade, WPA3™ adds new features to simplify Wi-Fi security, enable more robust authentication, and deliver increased […]

Myths on AP up-link speed and Wi-Fi Throughput

Divergent Networks har forfattet et meget relevant indlæg om nødvendigheden af Gigabit switch porte til access points I mange tilfælde er flaskehalsen mellem klient og access point og ikke i backhaul (switch porten) Wi-Fi Throughput

Webinar: Why Upgrade to Ekahau Sidekick™ (Recording)

Why Upgrade to Ekahau Sidekick™ Webinar recording : What is Ekahau Sidekick™ used for and who needs it How it works How the Ekahau Sidekick™ saves time troubleshooting  

Aruba Product Security Advisory ARUBA-PSA-2017-003 (ClearPass)

—–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA256   Aruba Product Security Advisory =============================== Advisory ID: ARUBA-PSA-2017-003 CVE: CVE-2017-9804, CVE-2017-9793, CVE-2017-9805, CVE-2017-12611 Publication Date: 2017-Sep-11 Status: Confirmed Revision: 1     Title ===== Apache Struts Multiple Vulnerabilities     Overview ======== The Apache Struts group announced Struts version 2.3.34 on September 7, 2017. Included in this update […]

Webinar: Planning AP placement for roaming and resiliency (Recording)

Summary: A good WLAN design includes a plan for resiliency and roaming. Planning for Secondary Coverage is a key element in successful enterprise WLAN design. Agenda: Introduction What is Secondary Coverage? Roaming Resiliency How to plan for Secondary Coverage Next steps, Q&A

Ekahau Sidekick™ – The First Custom-Built Wi-Fi Site Survey Device

All-in-One Wi-Fi Diagnostics and Measurement Tool Ekahau Sidekick™ is the first comprehensive site survey device to allow faster measurement of wireless networks and unbeatable Wi-Fi spectrum analysis. A battery-powered device that provides over eight hours of Wi-Fi site survey time, Ekahau Sidekick™ makes designing high-quality Wi-Fi networks faster and more precise. læs mere Sidekick _ […]

Infographic: High Capacity Wi-Fi

Is your enterprise prepared to take on high capacity planning? Have you defined the objectives for primary and secondary coverage goals? Ekahau’s High Capacity Wi-Fi infografic gives a visual representation of what you need to consider when building high performance WLAN. You will learn essentials and requirements for building a wireless network, as well as infrastructure selection and […]

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