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DKK 7.000

Quick Start | Video On Demand - ON-LINE (FREE*)

Get intro training into using Ekahau, Sidekick and Connect services *FREE WITH SIDEKICK PUCHASE

This is a 3 hours self- paced-training


Course specifics
Basic understanding of networking technologies




DKK 7.000


Free with AirWire Sidekick kit 

Need to get up-to-speed in Ekahau as quickly as possible? You’re in the right place. Ekahau Quick Start On-Demand Training is designed to take you through all of the basic workflows that you need to know to design networks, perform site surveys, and perform troubleshooting with spectrum analysis. This course consists of 3 major chapters: design, survey, and spectrum analysis.

Topics covered:

  • RF fundamentals
  • Predictive designs
  • Capturing and analyzing survey data ]Spectrum analysis
  • What’s new in Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E & 6 GHz
  • What’s new in Ekahau AI Pro, Survey, Analyzer and Insights ]And much more!
  • Course specifics: Updated in 2022 to include 6 GHz
  • Designed for Wi-Fi engineers, architects, network owners, IT administrators, and other Wi-Fi and IT professionals
  • 3 hours of self-paced video on-demand training
  • Training offered in English only 

Denne training er gratis ved køb af AirWire Sidekick kit i custom flight case

  • Ekahau Connect Suite Overview 
  • 3 Steps to Great Wi-Fi 
  • Ekahau AI Pro Overview 
  • Importing Floor Plans and Scaling Maps 
  • Drawing Walls and Assigning Coverage and Exclusion Areas 
  • Establishing Coverage Profiles and Requirement Areas 
  • Using AI Auto-Planner for Wi-Fi Design
  • Coverage Planning in Ekahau AI Pro 
  • Creating Accurate Device and Usage Profiles 
  • 2.4 / 5 / 6 GHz Channel Planning with Ekahau AI Pro 
  • Designing for Capacity with Ekahau AI Pro]
  • Multi Floor Design
  • Reflections and Diffractions 
  • How to Survey ]Ekahau Insights Overview
  • Sidekick 2 Capabilities and Survey Overview 
  • Ekahau Insights Cloud Collaboration 
  • Automatically Detecting Wall Attenuation Values with Auto Wall Calibration 
  • Using the Network Simulator

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Yes please. Send me more info.


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