AirWire Flight Case
The perfect hopme for your Ekahau Sidekick
Optional wire combination lock

Diverse tilbehør til dig der arbejder med wireless

  • Store everything in one place
  • Secure transport
  • Professional look 
  • Under Sidekick there is space for the PSU or it fits in the curout to the right.
  • Special cutout so you will not forget – or have a spare – Apple) USB-A dongle
  • Use any small laser measurer (Bosh Pro series fits)
  • Sidekick PSU or a WLANpi fits in the room to the right
  • Upper room  to the right can be used for USB charger and cords
  • In the lid an iPad will fit. And if you remove the padding an iPad Pro v3 or v4


Airwire flight case - Ekahau Sidekick fit

Pakken inkluderer:

  • Flightcase – custom design for Ekahau field engineers 
  • Til opbevaring eller transport
  • ourside 35×29×16 cm
  • Cut-outs for
    – Sidekick + PSU
    – iPad / iPad Pro v3&4+ PSU
    – Apple USB dongle
    – Bosch GLM 40 laser måler
    – evt WLANpi
  • TSA godkendt lås (option)


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