The AirMobile solution consists of client software and a server application. We call these AirMobile agents and AirMobile AI server.

The software for agents is distributed and easily installed on the clients that interest you, a process you manage from remote. Operating systems supported are listed under Products and Pricing.

The AirMobile AI server scales to handle 100.000 devices if necessary and we don´t need to worry about licensing as we charge based on data sent to server.

Once operating the AirMobile agents will send data to server where you will see KPI:s and manage service levels. Here it is easy to drill down to root cause analysis and take advantage of AirMobile AI engine that will give you Wi-Fi expert analytics to make Wi-Fi troubleshooting much easier.

”One unique feature included in AirMobile AI is our zero touch performance measurement invention that gives a real-time 24/7 result in Mbps without needing any end-point software. As the measurement does not consume much bandwidth thousands of clients can benchmark performance simultaneously. This measurement is great advantage when troubleshooting bandwidth consuming applications over Wi-Fi such as streaming video, VoIP etc and when you have needs to test continuously to find intermittent performance issues on limited internet access -for example trains, buses and air planes.

There are even possibilities to design your own graphs in our AirMobile AI GUI